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Getting Started

If you are interested in starting therapy for you or your child, you may have some questions! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer consultations?

Yes, we offer free 15 minute phone consultations. Feel free to email or enter your information on the contact page to schedule a free consultation.


What are your fees? Do you accept insurance?

We do not accept insurance at this time and are out-of-network providers. Initial intake sessions are typically 60 minutes and $450. While each individual may require something different, a typical 45 minute therapy session is $300. 


How do I find out if I have out-of-network benefits?

Each healthcare plan is different. If you want to check to see if you may have out of network benefits you will need to call your provider directly. You can inquire about some typical therapy codes: 90791, 90832, 90834, 90846 and 90847. Please be sure to check on reimbursement for telehealth as each plan is different. 

What is a superbill? Do you provide superbills?

A superbill is a document which includes information about your services. These can typically be provided to your insurance to see if you qualify for out of network benefits. There are no guarantees you will be reimbursed. Superbills are automatically generated on the 5th of the month for the prior month. 


What does the first session look like?

If you are coming to therapy for yourself your therapist will review all of your intake paperwork before the session. The first session typically focuses on getting background information and trying to understand your goals for therapy. If you are seeking therapy for your child, the first session is typically for parents only and includes gathering all background information and discussing needs of the child. 


Do you offer telehealth and/or in person sessions?

Star Psychological Services operates via telehealth. We do no offer in person sessions. Benefits may vary depending on goals of therapy. We utilize Zoom for Healthcare which is HIPAA compliant.


What is a Good Faith Estimate (GFE)? 


Starting in 2022, there are requirements for those who do not have or are not using their insurance to be notified of the costs. You will be rewuired to sign a GFE prior to starting treatment.

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